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Intabeats is an event brand created by one of the scene’s pioneering DJ’s, Bailey. Offering a fresh new concept, Bailey is on a mission to return to the spirit of the genre which has played an integral role in laying the groundwork for electronic music to thrive.

Built on the original foundations of Jungle and Drum & Bass, the Intabeats values are rooted in beatsploration and inclusivity; a place for artists and ravers to openly explore and experience Drum & Bass.

Selecting the right venue has been an integral part of the process for Bailey, finding a space that matches the ethos behind the new brand. Looking to champion smaller club venues which are vital to Drum & Bass, as well as spaces built to create a sense of community.

‘Lately myself and my peers have been reflecting on the importance of small clubs, where people can come to try new things, take risks and see if they work. Intabeats will create a space where DJ’s can experiment with their music; maybe it’s outside of their usual sound but they love it, maybe it’s a bit weird or they slip up and it’s a happy accident. That’s what it’s about.’ –